The Mendocino County Sheriff's Activity League (MCSAL) is an all volunteer, Non-Profit Organization established in 1994.
The programs are available to children and their parents throughout Mendocino County whether they live in a city or in rural areas.
For the kids there are a number of programs already available with the possibility of more to come.
For the parents there is the opportunity to get involved with our youth as volunteers to help make the programs work, or make new activities possible.

Our goal is to help provide the youth of our communities with healthy activities which promote good citizenship and ethical conduct, self-confidence and fairness.
To provide the youth of our communities with positive role model behavior.

SAL has a variety of programs available to youth of all ages at little or no cost.
There is an activity somewhere near you.

SAL programs go all year round. Some sports take place during the normal seasons, so the teams can participate in league competition throughout California.

SAL activities are available throughout Mendocino County.
Pick a location near you.

Just contact the Mendocino County Sheriff's Activity League to get involved with an existing program or find an activity.
See our events calendar on this page.